Executive Board

President Rebecca "Becky" Livingston


Come see me down at the Union Hall, email me, or give me a call! 

Email: becky@stlouisapwu.org

Office: 314-231-7666 

Cell: 314-810-4099

Executive Vice-President Gene Hollenbeck


I joined the St. Louis DAL APWU in 1981, started as a Clerk Steward in 1982, became the Director of Research and Education in 1990, served as the Director of Industrial Relations from 2000-2010, switched back to be the Director of Research and Education again from 2010-2013, then became the Vice President in 2013. As of close of business on March 15, 2019 I became President of this Local. Effective August 31, 2019 I have returned to my former position of Executive Vice-President. I pledge to represent all members to the best of my ability. I have been a dedicated member of this union for  36 years and counting, and will continue to work to benefit all members. I am available by email, phone, or at the Union Hall; come down and see me sometime. 

Email: genehollenbeck@stlouisapwu.org

Office: 314-231-7665

Cell: 314-341-2797

Secretary-Treasurer Robin Robertson


I joined the St. Louis Gateway DAL in 2008, became a certified Steward in 2010, and was elected Secretary-Treasurer in 2013. I am always accessible to members and work hard to hold the union accountable with their funding. I was elected to communicate whatever questions the members need to know about the union finances. I always incorporate the 5 Rules to Spending Union Funds: 1. The Law 2. The Constitution and Bylaws 3. A motion passed by General Membership 4. The Executive Board of Officers, as permitted by the constitution or by the Membership. 5. The Budget as adopted by the membership. And always remember, "Difficulties mastered, are opportunities won." 

Email: rrobertson@stlouisapwu.org

Office: 314-231-7665

Cell: 314-306-5709

Directors & Other Officers

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Industrial Relations Director:
Dave Childers

Research and Education Director:

Dean Hathaway

Editor in Chief:
Shelia Patton-Harris

Sergeant at Arms:
Claudella Suggs

Clerk Craft Director:
William Brady

Maintenance Craft Director:
Chris Wilkerson

Motor Vehicle Craft Director:
Bobby Riehl Jr.

Support Services Craft Director:
Janis Dumas

Associate Offices Director:
Melani K. Brown

Note: Contacting a member of the Executive Board via this website does NOT constitute filing a grievance under Article 15 of our collective bargaining agreement.

Local Constitution

St. Louis DAL Constitution (doc)


Affiliated Groups

Proud Member of the National American Postal Workers Union


Proud Member of the AFL - CIO