Clerk Craft


Clerk Craft Director
William "Bill" Brady

Clerk Craft Assistant Director (A)
Darren Pruitt

Clerk Craft Assistant Director (B)

(314) 436-5331  Stewards Booth 

(314) 436-6636  Fax

Maintenance Craft


Maintenance Craft Director
Chris Wilkerson

Maintenance Assistant Craft Director (A)
Jeff Edwards

Maintenance Assistant Craft Director (B)

Tina Rubino

(314) 436-4668  Stewards Booth 

(314) 436-4332  Fax

Motor Vehicle Craft


Motor Vehicle Craft Director
Robert "Bobby" Riehl Jr.

Motor Vehicle Assistant Craft Director (A)
Leonard Nunn

Motor Vehicle Assistant Craft Director (B)

(314) 436-5027 Stewards Booth

Support Services Craft


Support Services Director
Janis Dumas

Support Services Craft Assistant Director
Robbin Nichols

(314) 241-5533 Stewards Booth 

Clerk Craft Bids

Contacting a Clerk Officer via this web site does NOT meet the requirements for filing a grievance under Article 15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The bids are posted here as posted by management. We are not responsible for any errors on the posting.

The Training Tech  Best Qualified position will be posted 10/21/2019 to 10/31/2019.  Employees bidding on this position must submit Form 991.