Clerk Craft

Clerk Craft Director
Earl "Joe" Staats

Clerk Craft Assistant Director (A)
April Johnson

Clerk Craft Assistant Director (B)
Kymberlie Calmese

(314) 436-5331  Stewards Booth 

(314) 436-6636  Fax

Maintenance Craft

Maintenance Craft Director
Tom Nanna

Maintenance Assistant Craft Director (A)
David Rubino

Maintenance Assistant Craft Director (B)

Tina Rubino

(314) 436-4668  Stewards Booth 

(314) 436-4332  Fax

Motor Vehicle Craft

Motor Vehicle Craft Director
Jeff Cooper
Motor Vehicle Assistant Craft Director (A)
Dave Childers

Motor Vehicle Assistant Craft Director (B)

(314) 436-5027 Stewards Booth

Support Services Craft

Support Services Director
Orlando Anderson 

Support Services Craft Assistant Director (A)
Janis Dumas

Support Services Craft Assistant Director (B)


(314) 241-5533 Stewards Booth 

Clerk Craft Bids

Contacting a Clerk Officer via this web site does NOT meet the requirements for filing a grievance under Article 15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The bids are posted here as posted by management. We are not responsible for any errors on the posting.

Bid Posting # 172827 opens for bid on 5/17/2018. you will not be able to bid before that date.