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Shelia Patton-Harris
Editor in Chief
Six times a year (on odd months) the Press On is published to inform the membership of events and activities that affect them as members of the
St. Louis Gateway District Area Local APWU and employees of the USPS. 

July/August, 2009 Press-On
September/December, 2009 Press-On
January/February, 2010 Press-On
March/April, 2010 Press-On

May/June, 2010 Press-On
July/August, 2010 Press-On
September/October, 2010 Press-On
January/February, 2012 Press-On
March/April, 2012 Press-On
May/June, 2012 Press-On
July/August, 2012 Press-On
September/October, 2012 Press-On
November/December, 2012 Press-On
January/February, 2013 Press-On
March/April, 2013 Press-On

May/June, 2013 Press-On
July/August, 2013 Press-On

September/October, 2013 Press-On
November/December, 2013 Press-On
January/February, 2014 Press-On
March/April, 2014 Press-On
May/June, 2014 Press-On
July/August, 2014 Press-On
September/October 2014 Press-On
November/December 2014 Press-On
January/February 2015 Press-On
March/April 2015 Press-On
May/June 2015 Press-On
July/August 2015 Press-On
September/October, 2015 Press-On
November/December, 2015 Press-On
January/February, 2016 Press-On
March/April, 2016 Press-On
May/June, 2016 Press-On
July/August, 2016 Press-On
September/October, 2016 Press-On
November/December 2016 Press-On
January/February 2017 Press-On
March/April 2017 Press-On
May/June 2017 Press-On
July/August 2017 Press-On

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