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Photos from the Convention

Your Delegates at work at the 19th Biennial National Convention Las Vegas, Nevada
August 18 - 22, 2006

Tony Harris, Fred Wolmeyer, Pam Sacus

Dean Hathaway, Harry Johnson, Tina Rubino, David Rubino

Dean Hathaway and "The Don" Don Foley (NBA Maintenance Craft) discuss a

Dean Hathaway, Gene Holllenbeck "AKA the Pin Man" and Don Foley (NBA)

President Tony Harris calls for the question to stop debate onĀ an issue

Angie Jackson, Rick Rollins, Barb Sellini

Shelia Patton-Harris, James "Pat" Harris, Al "Mickey" Miller

"The Don" Don Foley (NBA Maint.), Shirley Harrison

Barbara Prothro, Becky Livingston, Mamie Wells

Delores Fulton, Angie Jackson, Rick Rollins, Barb Sellini, Arnold Belton

Hattie Jones, James "Pat" Harris, Robin McCurry (Clerk Craft Conference)

Gene Hollenbeck, Katie Liston, Becky Livingston (Clerk Craft Conference)

Katie Liston, Becky Livingston (Clerk Craft Conference)

Pam Sacus, Bettye Jones, Angie Jackson (Clerk Craft Conference)

President Anthony "Tony" Harris speaking about Brother Jeff Smart at the Veteran's memorial service.
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